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Final Fantasy I to XV: Ranking the series from worst to best

Final Fantasy I to XV: Ranking the series from worst to best
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Final Fantasy I to XV: Ranking the series from worst to best

Since Final Fantasy XV is at long last out, it’s an ideal opportunity to see where it remains with different diversions in this milestone pretending amusement arrangement that appeared in 1987.

Last Fantasy is exceptional in the gaming scene. Regardless of crossing 15 recreations, every one is basically a reboot. They don’t highlight similar characters or settings, and a considerable lot of them achieve new thoughts how battle or movement should function in a pretending diversion. Be that as it may, some them of the are simply … well, superior to the others, either in view of better battle, story, characters, or movement frameworks.

Note that I’m just covering the center arrangement here, so we’re not discussing spinoffs like Final Fantasy Tactics or direct continuations like Final Fantasy X-2. Additionally, there resemble a hundred of them, and we don’t have time for that.

Presently, how about we begin. I’ll be going from most exceedingly terrible to best, passing judgment on them in view of their general quality. This takes into outline angles, for example, availability, unpredictability, workmanship, music, gameplay, and pacing. I’ll likewise disclose to you the most straightforward way you can play them now.

Unique discharge: May 15, 2002 for the PlayStation 2

At the time, Final Fantasy XI was the greatest break in custom the arrangement had seen. Before this, each title in the establishment was a solitary player encounter. Last Fantasy XI was an enormously multiplayer online pretending amusement like Evequest. It’s likewise the Final Fantasy I played the slightest of. Remember this really turned out several years prior to World of Warcraft fairly streamlined the MMO showcase. Before at that point, most MMOs were more confounded, similar to the case with

Final Fantasy XI.

Looks like the start of a fun party.

When I played it, I was scarcely ready to leave my beginning city. I was regularly befuddled about what I needed to keeping in mind the end goal to advance the story or propel my character. Likewise, while numerous MMOs are friendlier toward solo players nowadays, you required assistance from companions to do pretty much anything in Final Fantasy XI.

I lament that I didn’t give Final Fantasy XI a greater amount of at attempt back when it was applicable. I realize that many individuals have affectionate recollections of it. I think it was a decent time for individuals who had a great deal of time to put resources into the amusement with an extensive gathering of devoted companions. For whatever remains of us, Final Fantasy XI was a perplexing MMO that rapidly turned into a relic in a market that soon needed to play catchup with World of Warcraft.

Playing it now: While the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 2 servers close as the year progressed, you can at present purchase the PC form on Steam.

Last Fantasy II

Final Fantasy II's heroes.

Unique discharge: December 17, 1988 for the Famicom

The main Final Fantasy spin-off merits regard for being so brave. Square Enix could have effectively made an immediate followup to the first with comparative mechanics. Rather, Final Fantasy II highlighted a more conspicuous story, genuine characters (rather than the self-named and made legends of the main amusement) and an alternate leveling framework.

That leveling framework is the purpose of conflict. Rather than gaining knowledge focuses from slaughtering adversaries, you became more grounded in specific aptitudes just by utilizing them: your quality would develop the more you assaulted, your enchantment would turn out to be more strong the more spells you cast, et cetera.

The framework, in any case, is effectively exploitable. You could get into a low-level battle and constantly assault and recuperate your own gathering, rapidly raising critical details like guard, assault, enchantment, and more without taking a chance with any threat. This escape clause transforms Final Fantasy II into a simple diversion.

It was pleasant to see a more fleshed-out story contrasted with the first, however it was as yet a non specific story about revolutionaries battling an underhanded realm (a theme we’d regularly observe show up the in arrangement, yet with more pizazz).

Playing it now: You can download the versatile variant for iOS and Android.

Last Fantasy III

Artwork for the DS remake of Final Fantasy III.

Unique discharge: April 27, 1990 for the Famicom

Westerners like me just know Final Fantasy III from the DS change, which refreshed the designs and endeavored to give the four playable characters greater identity. In any case, even with this, Final Fantasy III feels like a dated amusement. Its story and characters felt non specific, and the battle was essential. I give it acknowledgment for presenting the Job framework, which enables you to change a character’s class between fights, however it’s foul (nothing unexpected, since it’s Square’s first endeavor here).

The story is normal “children spare the world” stuff, and it does not have those unique minutes that can hoist the arrangement. Last Fantasy III is a standout amongst the most forgettable.

Playing it now: The DS adaptation will at present work on a 3DS. You can likewise purchase that adaptation on Steam, iOS, and Android.

Last Fantasy

The original Final Fantasy.

Unique discharge: December 18, 1987 for the Famicom

Here’s the first. Without a doubt, a considerable measure of Final Fantasy appears to be dated, however it was about as epic as gaming could get in 1987. You could make your own particular gathering of saints, browsing numerous classes like Warrior, Black Mage, Monk, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. This measure of decision made making your gathering fun, as well as gave you a nice reason to replay the diversion and attempt an alternate structure.

Last Fantasy’s story was additionally shockingly aggressive, beginning off as an old hat dream experience before getting more mind boggling with time circles and different absurdity. It can’t rival the creation esteems and complexities of later sections, however Final Fantasy merits a ton of adoration for beginning the establishment so emphatically.

Playing it now: You can download the portable form on iOS and Android. Last Fantasy is additionally one of the 30 diversions incorporated into the NES Classic Edition.

Last Fantasy XIII

Timeline cover Final Fantasy XIII

Unique discharge: December 17, 2009 for the PlayStation 3

Last Fantasy XIII is an exquisite diversion with an extraordinary battle framework. It additionally has the arrangement’s most finished created and befuddling story. Every one of these years subsequent to beating it, I couldn’t reveal to you what it was about. I recollect there was a detestable pope or something. It was additionally a direct amusement, baffling fans who appreciated the investigation and opportunity that was a noteworthy piece of the arrangement.

Be that as it may, damn, that battle framework truly was entertaining. It was as yet in light of turn-based tropes — you couldn’t complete an activity until the point when a bar topped off. In any case, it was more intricate than the common “assault, assault, mend, assault” circle that numerous RPGs fall into. Characters had a similar assault, protect, and recuperate prime examples that you’d perceive from MMOs. You required a ton of technique to keep your gathering alive.

It’s a disgrace the battle accompanied such a forgettable experience.

Playing it now: Right now, you can just play Final Fantasy XIII on a PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 on the off chance that you need it on a support. It’s additionally accessible for PC on Steam.

Last Fantasy IV

Spoony bard!

Unique discharge: July 19, 1991 for the Super Famicom

This may be the most dubious setting on my rundown. For some, Final Fantasy IV is a standout amongst the most great RPGs ever. For me, it’s an okay, short diversion loaded with few shocks. Some portion of my concern is that I played it a bit on the late side, well after Final Fantasy VI and the PlayStation portions. Quite a bit of Final Fantasy IV’s appeal originated from its, at the time, epic introduction. It was one of the principal major RPGs in the 16-bit period, and its craft, designs, and music are each of the a noteworthy progression over the NES days.

It likewise presented the dynamic time fight framework (ATB) that the arrangement spent until Final Fantasy IX (and still today in turn offs like World of Final Fantasy). Last Fantasy IV setup the arrangement for progress for quite a long time to come, yet the amusement itself feels straightforward contrasted with what takes after. On the off chance that you do play it, attempt to stay away from that 3D remastering they improved the situation the DS. The amusement loses a considerable measure of its appeal when it dump the pixels.

Playing it now: The DS form still chips away at a 3DS. That variant is likewise on Steam, iOS, and Android. You can likewise download the PSP adaptation, Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection (which additionally accompanies the average continuation, The After Years), on you Vita.

Last Fantasy VIII

Such angst.

Unique discharge: February 11, 1999 for the PlayStation

Last Fantasy VIII sort of helps me to remember Final Fantasy II. It’s a continuation that could have avoided any risk after the gigantic accomplishment of Final Fantasy VII, however rather, it dares try. Enchantment works unusually in Final Fantasy VIII. You get spells by drawing them from foes, which you could then cast later. You additionally utilize spells to increase your own particular details.

It’s muddled, which most likely killed a considerable measure of fans, however it’s a remunerating framework for those that take in its subtleties. Last Fantasy VIII likewise turns up the introduction, wowing us with the absolute most amazing music and cutscenes we had ever observed by then in gaming.

Playing it now: You can download the PC form on Steam.

Last Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Unique discharge: September 30, 2010 for PC

I didn’t get into Final Fantasy XI, yet I’m a devotee of the arrangement’s second MMO. Well … sort of. Final Fantasy XIV was really a wreck when it was first discharged. On the off chance that it had remained in that state, it would have effectively been on the base of this rundown. Be that as it may, Square Enix revamped the amusement, relaunching Final Fantasy XIV in 2013 as A Realm Reborn.

The new MMO was available, delightful, and highlighted a drawing in story to play through. Today, it’s a standout amongst other MMOs available, but at the same time it’s the best turnaround in gaming history.

Playing it now: It’s still generally new diversion, so you can get it for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PC effectively. Here’s the Steam page for the PC adaptation.

Last Fantasy X

Tidus from Final Fantasy X.

Unique discharge: July 19, 2001 for the PlayStation 2

Individuals were built up to see Final Fantasy on the new PlayStation 2, and Square conveyed an important ordeal. Like Final Fantasy XIII, it languishes somewhat over its linearity, yet its story is more important on account of champion characters like the secretive Auron and the cleric like Yuna.

It additionally changed the establishment’s battle framework without precedent for years, indicating players which characters would assault in what arrange numerous turns ahead. You could likewise swap party individuals in and out whenever, making it less demanding to misuse adversary shortcomings.

Playing it now: Final Fantasy X as of late got a HD remaster alongside its spin-off for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and Vita.

Last Fantasy XV

There's a lot to explore.

Unique discharge: November 29, 2016 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

The most up to date section in the arrangement was being developed for 10 years, however it turned out fine and dandy. It’s superior to fine, truly. Last Fantasy XV is a defining moment highlighting an open world loaded with sidequests. The battle framework happens progressively, yet regardless you need to utilize procedure (particularly, knowing when to safeguard and when to assault) on the off chance that you need to win.

In any case, Final Fantasy XV four companions are its center. You just control Noctis, yet his three mates go along with you for extraordinary assaults in a battle framework that streams like an arranged fight from a motion picture.

The amusement suffers from pacing issues toward its end, however the genuine completion (without giving anything endlessly) compensates for it. You can look at my full survey in the event that you require all the more persuading of Final Fantasy XV’s enormity.

Playing it now. It’s new and out for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Last Fantasy VII

A big hero needs a big sword.

Unique discharge: January 31, 1997 for the PlayStation

Last Fantasy VII is one of the greatest hits of now is the ideal time. Some have responded to its ubiquity by guaranteeing that it is exaggerated. That is not valid. Last Fantasy VII is a standout amongst the most aspiring diversions of now is the ideal time, offering a rich story, huge world filled huge amounts of side exercises (like raising chocobos), and more significant and notorious minutes than some other computerized understanding.

Without a doubt, its polygons look dated, however Final Fantasy VII is as yet an open RPG that can wow players with its passionate minutes. Regardless it has a lot of profundity, particularly with the fun materia framework for enchantment, which has you level up spells independently from characters.

Playing it now: If you would prefer not to sit tight for that revamp, you can play the first on Steam, iOS, Android, PlayStation 4, and Vita.

Last Fantasy XII

Final Fantasy XII.

Unique discharge: March 16, 2006 for the PlayStation 2

Each Final Fantasy diversion realizes changes, however Final Fantasy XII felt like a considerably greater takeoff from convention (outside of the MMOs) than any time in recent memory. Out of the blue outside of Final Fantasy XI, fights happen continuously. Last Fantasy XII plays more like a Western RPG, similar to Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. You may stop the activity and consider your assaults, and you never again need to stress over arbitrary fights.

You control one character at any given moment, yet you may setup how your colleagues would carry on with the intricate gambit framework. You may for instance, advise a character to just cast a recuperating spell on the off chance that somebody were at not as much as half of their wellbeing. You may then request these summons in light of significance. In this way, on the off chance that somebody were dead, the summon to restore them would be set in front of the one to assault a foe.

For a few, the gambits are excessively befuddling, however I adore how much procedure they give.

Playing it now: Just like Final Fantasy X, a redo of XII is turning out for PlayStation 4 and Vita at some point in 2017.

Last Fantasy V

“Enough informative exchange! Presently we battle like men! Also, women! What’s more, women who dress like men!”


Unique discharge: December 6, 1992 for the Super Famicom

Keep in mind the Job framework that Final Fantasy III presented? Last Fantasy V makes that sucker sing. Your may change your four characters’ classes between fights, however they likewise keep a few capacities they gained from different Jobs. It ends up critical to make sense of which classes would work best with each other. It’s an amazing leveling framework, to such an extent that Square Enix brought it back for the current Bravely Defaut arrangement.

Last Fantasy V likewise has essential characters, similar to the crazy scoundrel Gilgamesh, who might end up one of the arrangement’s few reoccurring cast individuals. In any case, my adoration for this diversion truly comes down to that incredible Job framework. It’s my most loved movement framework in the arrangement.

Playing it now: You can download the portable rendition of the amusement for iOS and Android. It’s likewise accessible on Steam.

Last Fantasy VI

“For what reason do you assemble, knowing devastation is inescapable? For what reason do you long to live, knowing everything must pass on?”


Every girl needs a magic robot.

Unique discharge: April 2, 1994 for the Super Famicom

Last Fantasy VI is a standout amongst the most epic stories in gaming history. Its extensive cast of characters, twisted scalawag Kefka, immortal score, and critical scenes give it the sort of clout in our industry that those in the film world would save for something like Lawrence of Arabia and Citizen Kane (yes, I just went for the repulsive Citizen Kane correlation).

It’s a standout amongst the most lovely 16-bit diversions consistently, demonstrating to us a diminishing world that blends exemplary dream tropes like strongholds and enchantment with innovation like robots and trains. The musical show scene is one of the primary circumstances a diversion let music become the overwhelming focus, while a mid-amusement occasion totally staggered players by really empowering the reprobate prevail with regards to assuming control over the world. Last Fantasy VI is one those amusements that everybody should play in any event once.

Playing it now: You can download the versatile rendition of the amusement for iOS and Android. It’s additionally accessible on Steam.

Last Fantasy IX

A moving scene from Final Fantasy IX.

Unique discharge: July 7, 2000 for the PlayStation

Last Fantasy IX has all that I need from the arrangement: an incredible score, significant characters (like the youthful mage Vivi who needs to find out about profound quality), and over-the-top, wonderful cinematics. It’s additionally the last diversion to utilize the ATB fight framework, which is the sort of battle I consider first when I hear the words “Last Fantasy.”

I wouldn’t fret when Final Fantasy brings its setting into more science fiction or present day places, however it feels more good when you get the opportunity to play in a more mysterious world like Final Fantasy IX’s. Square composed it as a callback to the establishment’s prior days, with references to past recreations. Without a doubt, it’s fan benefit, however it’s fun stuff for super devotees of the arrangement like me. This is pretending flawlessness while holding the majority of the great Final Fantasy fixings.

Playing it now: You can download the first form on the Vita. Square Enix as of late conveyed the amusement to iOS, Android, and PC by means of Steam.


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