President Trump Attacks ‘Vicious’ Facelift and Divorce Rumors About Wife Melania

President Trump Attacks ‘Vicious’ Facelift and Divorce Rumors About Wife Melania


President Donald Trump has assaulted the “Phony News Media” for its “awful” treatment of First Lady Melania Trump amid her 27-day nonattendance from people in general eye following a kidney system.

“Amid her recuperation from medical procedure they revealed everything from close passing, to facelift, to left the W.H. (also, me) for N.Y. or on the other hand Virginia, to manhandle,” Trump raged on Twitter Wednesday. “All Fake, she is doing extremely well!”

He additionally guaranteed that “four journalists” saw his significant other “strolling joyfully” at the White House a week ago yet intentionally didn’t report the locating “since it would hurt the wiped out account that she was living in an alternate piece of the world, was extremely sick, or whatever.”

Trump’s Twitter fit came hours before his better half showed up in 27 days. She was most recently seen out in the open on May 10, four days before experiencing a kidney strategy.

On Wednesday, the main woman joined her significant other for an instructions on typhoon readiness at FEMA Headquarters in Washington, D.C.

Trump started by expressing gratitude toward his significant other for going to and saying she was “doing awesome” after her hospitalization.

“She experienced a little harsh fix yet she’s doing awesome,” Trump said. “The general population of our nation cherish you. Much obliged to you, nectar.”

One pool correspondent noticed that Mrs. Trump, 48, was “looking great, similar to her old self, fit as a fiddle from at any rate her outward appearance.”

All through her phenomenal nonappearance, there was national hypothesis about the main woman’s whereabouts — and why she didn’t just show up out in the open to subdue the bits of gossip unequivocally.

A few media outlets and tabloids reported on paranoid ideas estimating that Mrs. Trump had vanished in light of the fact that she had plastic medical procedure, or on the grounds that she was wanting to separate from her significant other, or on the grounds that she was stowing away spousal manhandle.

In any case, the New York Times’ Maggie Haberman had a hypothesis that Trump’s tweet was not proposed to thump down false media reports — yet rather an endeavor to advance beyond a bona fide scandal.”So you’re stating somebody is composing a story you’re attempting to pre-empt… ,” she tweeted.

Numerous different pundits reacted to Trump’s tweet, including Morning Joe’s Mika Brzezinski and her life partner and co-have, Joe Scarborough.

Not as much as a year prior, Trump, on Twitter, called Brzezinski “low I.Q. Insane Mika” and asserted that he once observed her “draining severely from a facelift.”Scarborough mockingly reacted to Trump’s remarks on Wednesday, stating: “I concur that it would be ‘horrible’ and ‘out of line’ to lie about a friend or family member having a facelift to cause agony and shame.

“Mr. President, would you be able to envision anybody would be so remorseless to do a wonder such as this?” Scarborough inquired.

Joe Scarborough (left) and Donald Trump

Brzezinski additionally derided the president, reacting to Scarborough’s tweet with: “I can’t envision.”

Others on Twitter brought up that Trump’s past treatment of other ladies has abandoned him without any grounds to be taken seriously with regards to protecting his own particular spouse.

CNN pundit and GOP strategist Ana Navarro tweeted, “I see a few people who for quite a long time have been conjecturing and thinking of hypotheses about FORMER First Lady Hillary Clinton’s wellbeing, are presently disturbed that a few people are estimating and concocting speculations about CURRENT First Lady Melania Trump’s wellbeing.”

What’s more, Twitter client Jeff Tiedrich expressed: “Trump: ‘Rosie O’Donnell is a pig. Heidi Cruz is monstrous. Carly Fiorina is monstrous. Alicia Machado is fat. Gail Collins is a pooch. Mika Brzezinski is a wreck. Megyn Kelly has blood leaving her wherever.’ additionally Trump: ‘don’t anybody set out say anything mean in regards to my significant other.’ “Another pundit called attention to that the president himself has regularly been known to “participate in paranoid fears.”

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